Wait Til You See 1 Example Of Horrible Customer Service That Will Blow Your Mind

You Won’t Believe They Thought THIS Was Customer Servshutterstock_98095022ice:

         I was compelled to turn this into a blog post even whilst in the midst of the interaction, mostly out of sheer disbelief. Would anyone believe that this was an actual conversation with a major brand?

         This all started when my cousin in Canada reached out to me about either having a pair of men’s boots shipped to me, or for me to pick the boots up at a local store, and bring them with me on my trip up north. She was trying to buy a gift and couldn’t find the exact pair in her region for the intended recipient. What ensued during my valiant effort to oblige was nothing short of madness. It seemed surreal to me that such a globally-renowned brand would provide this abysmal level of customer service. Two, actually!

         The first brand is an international shoe store (hereafter referred to as X SHOE STORE), one from which you have definitely made a purchase at some point in your life. I reached out to them via Twitter because I went to their website and found a local store that claimed to sell the elusive boots. The phone number listed on the site was disconnected when I tried it. I then called other stores in the area, only one of which answered, and informed me that they don’t even carry that brand of boots in their stores; haven’t, in fact, for years.

         Here is the Screenshot of my tweet to them, which has still yet to be answered: footlocker-tweet-ss-edited

         Annoyed, yet determined, I also reached out to the actual manufacturer of the boots. To their credit (and the ONLY time that that can be said about their actions throughout this derailed, crazy-train ride) they responded promptly to my initial tweet: timberland-tweet-ss-edited

         I went into the interaction with high hopes of obtaining the boots for my cousin so that she could give a much-desired gift to someone about whom she cared. Just tryin to spread a little sunshine. shutterstock_387915748The reality of what actually occurred could not have been further from what anyone could have wanted, let alone believed. I have never experienced such a lack of comprehension or helpfulness from a company (other than maybe the Cable company…yes, YOU, Comcast!).

         Below is the exchange of my Twitter DMs between X BOOTS MANUFACTURER (referred to as “Them” hereafter, except where they are referring to themselves in the 3rd person) and myself. I am purposely publishing this particular post at this time of year. Yeah, I held onto to these DMs like Scorsese holds onto film projects, but with good reason.

         Now, with the frenetic pace of the season, I hope it serves as a warning to companies and brands of all sizes of what NOT to do. This was not customer service. This was potential-customer alienation and aggravation. Neither should be your goal. Ever.

 (I so badly wanted to publish their names ~ it’s not like they’d respond anyway ~ but I talked myself out of it. I am the picture of restraint!)

Me: “Hello. I am DM-ing as instructed. I need help with buying a pair of boots as a gift, and I am travelling shortly. X SHOE STORE was USELESS. They are doing you no favors by advertising that they carry your products. It’s a HUGE piss-off, actually.” {September 3rd}

Them: “I’m sorry that you had a bad experience, Bree! Can you tell us which product you’re looking for?” {September 3rd}

 [So far, so good.]

 Me: “Yes. It is:


I need it in a size 10.5 in the color “copper”. Men’s.

Also, I need to know if it can be shipped to Toronto, or if I need to have it shipped to me here in West Palm Beach. (My cousin was trying to purchase it in Canada, and was having such a problem that she asked me to get it for her. I have had a horrible time trying to get it so far, myself.)” {September 3rd}

[3 long days pass as I am trying to figure out if the boots will get to me before I have to make my trip.]

Them: “We do not ship internationally at this time.” {September 6th}

 Me: “Ok. Well, I was waiting for answers to my other questions. Can I buy these boots and have them shipped to Florida or not? This is taking FAR too long to try and give you my money. I mean, c’mon.” {September 7th} shutterstock_493525195

Them: “Yes. You can have buy them on the website and have them shipped to Florida.” {September 7th}

Me: “You’re not even going to provide me with a link or some kind of other help? I am VERY disappointed in your customer service!! You were quick on the reply when tweeting so as to portray an image of helpfulness, but when it’s coming down to it, what are you actually doing to help? This is POORLY RUN and completely useless. Please provide some actionable assistance!” {September 7th}

 [My plea went unheeded for another day. Tick, tock.]

Me: “I am shocked at your non-response! We can’t find these ridiculous boots anywhere on your site or anywhere else that it is being advertised in YOUR brand’s name. HORRIBLE Customer Service, and I am all too happy to tweet about that. I was ready to give you a positive shout out for your help, but seeing as I have received NONE, I will post about that. Thanks for nothing but wasting my time.” {September 8th}

[Another day passes. Umm, I know it’s only 1 pair of boots, but don’t they want to make a sale? How about not completely pissing off a potential customer (too late) who will most certainly spread the word of their experience? This is so illogical an interaction, that my blood is starting to boil. Deep breaths, Bree! Rein it in. You get tested for a reason, so best to act right.]

Them: “We appshutterstock_225389362reciate your interest in our products and regret to inform you that we do not ship internationally at this time. You may be able to find X BOOTS MANUFACTURER products at a retailer within your country or through another online retailer. If you would like to place an order on our website, we do accept international credit cards – the billing address does need to match the information your financial institution has on file. The shipping will need to be within the United States. If you use a freight forwarder, that is to your own discretion and we will no longer be responsible for the package.

Your cousin would be able to make a purchase on our website and have it shipped to you in Florida. As stated previously, your cousin will just need to make sure that the billing information matches the card they’re using. For example, if your cousin is using a Canadian credit/debit card, the billing address needs to be the address they have on file with their financial institution (more than likely it would be their Canada address). The shipping can be entered in as your information in Florida.” {September 9th} shutterstock_94679281

 [What?! My patience has tapped out. I am totally confused. It’s requiring more energy to remain calm than if I were to run a marathon.]

 Me: “Are you not reading what I’m writing? I want to purchase the bloody shoes. I am an American, and I live in the States. I can’t find those specific boots on your site (about which I’ve provided both a link and info. above). I am asking you to at least provide me with a link where we can purchase them on your flippin site! I have been more helpful to you in asking for the info. that I require to give you my money, than you have been in simply taking it! Is English even your 1st language? This HAS to be a joke. It’s like the Twilight Zone!” {September 10th}

[3 more days pass. My trip is imminent. Even if I do somehow find my way out of this customer “service” quagmire and find the boots, it is doubtful they will arrive in time for me to pack and take them. UGH.]

Them: “The boots from X SHOE STORE that you provided to us is only an X SHOE STORE exclusive so we don’t have it available on our website nor from other dealers. X SHOE STORE and Champs are the only retailers of ours that will have the Burgundy colored boots with the Wheat collar & X SHOE STORE is the only on with the Burgundy colored boots without the collar.

If you’re wanting to purchase the boots, please visit X SHOE STORE again and complete an order with them. We don’t have it available on our website. The color “COPPER” is also an X SHOE STORE exclusive”. {September 13th}

 [I feel like I’m being Punk’D. This has to be a joke.]

Me: “It has taken you 10 days to give me a response that is just as useless as when I started, and one whmental-patient-insane-asylum-straight-jacketich you could’ve given me during our 1st interaction. This has been, quite possibly, one of the WORST customer-service experiences I have had in some time. The ineptitude, lack of urgency, and complete absence of any brand/product knowledge is shocking. The person that holds the position of being in charge of your Social Media’s Customer Service needs to be made aware and restructure, or be fired.

 Even if I wanted to order on X SHOE STORE’s website (which I explained to you both in tweets & in the very 1st interaction as impossible), it is now too late to do so to have it sent to me on time for my trip. I didn’t want a pen pal, I wanted assistance with your product that is being advertised everywhere, and available nowhere.

 The fact that you do not see this (and your previous responses) as in any way lacking, is indicative of a cognitive break from reality. It was so bad, that it seemed automated. However, I firmly believe that I would have gotten further with Artificial Intelligence than with none at all. Thank you for nothing but inspiration for a new blog article.” {September 13th}

         I am still completely appalled at the entire incident and cannot express how badly this can affect your business, should you react similarly in this position. I didn’t sound off on Twitter because, frankly, it would have fallen on deaf ears and made me look like the asshole. It would’ve been a pointless time and energy suck. This way, perhaps some good can come of it.

         The fact remains, However, that I will not be purchasing anything from either of the 2 major brands involved, based off this trip down the rabbit hole. I’d rather give my hard-earned money to a company that understands and appreciates me enough to at least enable me to spend said money with them with ease and assistance.

         shutterstock_325468235Do not be fooled or complacent, business owners! Excellent customer service matters, not only for your current customers, but also for those yet to be converted. This is especially true for the ones that talk to the people who buy your product or services. Word of mouth is a very powerful thing-better to have it working for you, instead of against.

         Social Media is where more and more people are seeking help from Customer Service. In fact, many people expect a brand to respond to their complaint/comment/inquiry on Social Media within 60 minutes! How are you handling this aspect of your business? I am very interested in your take on this topic, and would love to read your comments below.

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