under this category are several pages of web content that were specifically written for various attorneys’ websites, nationwide. i have removed the names because i am not providing free backlinks, etc.

too many people are under the assumption that people who provide web content/social media services do it just for fun; that all the time and effort put forth is just out of sheer, philanthropic generosity and that we don’t have bills to pay. unfortunately, just the opposite is true; at least for me. i keep my prices extraordinarily fair, but this is a job nonetheless, and i provide superior work for reasonable prices. if you’d like to find out what i can do for you, please visit my contact page, and i’d be happy to work something out.

otherwise,, hover your cursor over the “scribbles” tab.  then, move down to the “legal” tab to select which subject you’d like to browse. this got a bit rant-y, but i’d love for you to stay and explore. feel free to comment throughout the site. THANKS! 🙂


i thoroughly encourage your feedback.

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