domestic violence (credit card stress) & property division

In the current economic climate, more and more people are becoming overwhelmed with debt.  What once may have seemed manageable can quickly become a sinkhole of hopelessness and depression.  Your outlook may seem bleak, and the emotional toll that this can take upon you can wind up being more costly in the long run than the actual bills.  Stress can manifest itself in many ways; some may be very ugly indeed, and be cause for remorse afterwards.  It has been said that we hurt the ones that we love the most, and often when emotions are running high, and there is pressure being applied on all sides, as humans we sometimes snap.  The closest people in our lives may be subjected to misplaced rage and frustration elicited by the endless harassing phone calls, letters and emails.

At the Law Office of XXXXX, we are empathetic to the issues that may arise due to the economy and the multi-faceted ways in which being in debt might negatively impact both yours and the lives of those closest to you.  A disturbing trend has revealed itself recently.  Many psychologists have detected a correlation between financial hardships and domestic violence.  The anxiety and desperation that you may feel if you find yourself in this position, coupled with the virtually impossible task of trying to dig yourself out of your financial hole, is almost too much to ask of a person.  It’s not surprising that when dealing with the palpable tension, that displacement of frustration may play a role in your family dynamics.  It’s easy to get angry at those in your immediate vicinity.  Unfortunately, this all can be a recipe for instances of domestic violence.  While the attorneys at the Law Office of XXXXX do not condone this type of behavior, we certainly commiserate.  Reports have uncovered the sobering fact that the longer a person remains unemployed, there is an increasing risk for the involvement of some instance of domestic violence.  It’s no wonder that within the last 3 years alone, there have been more suicides, murders and thefts over a debt issue than at any other time throughout history since the Great Depression.  If you find yourself in this unenviable position, facing domestic violence charges largely due to the crushing gravity of credit card and other financial debt in Orlando, XXXXX is the attorney to represent you.  Mr. XXXXX possesses the expertise to steer your case in the right direction for the best possible solution to your specific legal predicament.

After the dissolution of a marriage or serious relationship where there is shared property, there remains the issue of who gets what.  Although sad, at this time feelings may be running rampant, and it is paramount to seek representation that can protect your rights in a peaceful manner.  The ideal situation would be that things ended amicably and that both parties agree over the splitting of property, however this utopian understanding rarely realistically occurs.  A common misconception also exists concerning the division of assets.  Equitable division does not mean that the property will be divided equally.  This fact underscores the necessity of obtaining a seasoned attorney, like XXXXX.  Many factors contribute to the distribution of property, such as:

  • Health problems and ages of spouses
  • Needs of the children
  • Gifts to or by a spouse during the relationship
  • Expected inheritances
  • Fault of the dissolution of the relationship
  • Benefits the innocent parties may lose because of the dissolution
  • Disparity of earning power

Today’s fragile economy has countless unexplored casualties.  The trauma of what it means to have crippling credit card debt and the impending end of a significant relationship is more than many people can handle.  Your nerves may be frayed, and your emotions raw.  The lawyers at the Law Office of XXXXX understand that there are extenuating circumstances in any given situation, and that includes instances of domestic violence.  It is at this crucial time in your life that you stand at a crossroads.  The choice that you make today may impact the rest of your life.  The importance of retaining representation whose skill is unparalleled cannot be overstated.  You may be gearing up for one of the most consequential battles of your life.  Contact XXXXX today for your case evaluation.  You can rest assured that you’ll be in the capable hands of attorneys that recognize that, “It is fatal to enter a war without the will to win it”.*

*General Douglas MacArthur

** this was written for the lawyers’ website.


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