“A Balm of Gilead”

Petra, JordanI am for you.


Made for love and to soothe your soul;

staving off madness on cold and lonely nights.

Fending off fears in the endless darkness

of the tempestuous seas of your mind.


  Amman, JordanI am for you.


Fiercely protecting the vulnerabilities

you think you haven’t exposed, but are glaring.

Nurturing, cultivating, encouraging

the right within to blossom into

majestic possibility, beautiful you.


I am for you. Balm of Gilead


But not! Because you do not permit.

I knock, you do not answer.

I seek and do not find.

There is nothing more to be done.

You must choose; it cannot be forced.


Balm of GileadI am for you.


But have you no sense?

Do you not see, oh blind man?

I am salve to your spirit,

poultice to your person.


I am for you.

~Let me be~