“Like the Hatter”

I know for certain, now, that I am mad-

when I gaze upon you.

For surely I have finally and completely

abandoned any hope of humanity’s redemption,

and gone and invented the existence of you.

You, my beautifully-wrapped present,

so alluring in its facade;

but it’s the potential of what’s within that’s paramount.

So, I am in a frenzy to unwrap you, but alas!

Rabid and foaming with desire,

I breathe Peace into my soul,

and impatiently learn the hard lesson

of that worthy virtue, Patience.

For to rush a thing before its time

limits its possibilities.

So, as a rope thrumming in its tautness,

I await.

Like a ravenous creature, I salivate in anticipation

of the succulent feast I am about to devour;

for the time is nigh.

I can feel it,

can’t you?


i thoroughly encourage your feedback.

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