Unreachable, down in my hole.

Unfathomable, how did you get here?

Your heart, a bright & shining orb in my darkness.

You are the sun that melts the frost on my existence.

I break free from my self-imposed cocoon of solitude, to bask in your warmth.

You bring me to life, but not my life.

A life that, as I stand outside of myself & observe this alien interaction, 

I grow envious of me.

I long to feed off of your love.

I vampirically press my mouth to your body to absorb the essence of you.

Without you I wither, so I suck greedily to momentarily postpone the inevitable.

Your attention & emotion sustain me.

You are the blood that flows through me & warms my flesh & soul.

Kiss me so that I may live.


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