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Traumatic Brain Injuries

It is difficult to imagine how your life would change if you were to suffer a brain injury.  The impact of such misfortune would be far-reaching and potentially devastating not only on the quality of your life, but also on those of your loved ones.  Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is considered a leading cause of death for people aged 45 years and younger.  There are several ways for a TBI to occur, but the leading offenders are motor vehicle accidents, firearms, falls, and sports injuries.  As a society,

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we often underestimate the fragility of this vital part of our anatomy.  Although difficult to accurately assess the number of people that currently suffer from a TBI, the numbers we do have are shocking, notwithstanding.  In the United States, 1.5 million people are a recipient of a TBI each year, 50,000 of which die each year, & 85,000 of which go on to suffer long-term effects.  Interestingly, males are nearly twice as likely to fall prey to a TBI, and African Americans have the highest death rate.  Not surprisingly, there are more than 5.3 million people that are living with a TBI disability, and that number grows every day.

Traumatic Brain Injuries seem to have the most lethal effect on the most susceptible members of our society; the very young, and the elderly.  Between these two poles, TBIs are overwhelmingly prevalent with the 0-19 age group being at the highest risk for an incident occurring, and adults over the age of 75, once having the incident occur, are at the highest risk for hospitalization and death as a result.  The attorneys at XXXXX know from experience that it’s best to be proactive about your injury, and therefore aggressively protect your rights as your representation.  With offices in Atlanta, Alpharetta and Cumming, Georgia, we are happy to be so easily accessible to our clients.  We have even made the commitment to those of whom we represent, to come to you anywhere in the state of Georgia, if you are unable to get to us.  It is important that you seek counsel that provides individualized attention and will be by your side throughout the duration of your case.  At XXXXX, we make it a top priority to do both.  As our client, you are constantly kept informed about the proceedings in your case, and are reassured about our dedication to battling on behalf of your best interests.

Traumatic Brain Injuries are an extremely complicated category of injury.  Our brains, although protectively encased within our skulls, are nevertheless, at constant risk.  With a consistency of that of firm pudding, this powerful organ is exceptionally vulnerable.  There a myriad of ways to injure the delicate body part, but the following is a general guideline:

  • Open-Head Injury: large focal damage, penetration of skull (ex: bullet wounds)
  • Closed-Head Injury: focal & diffuse damage to axons, effects tend to be broad, no penetration of skull (ex: motor vehicle crash, slip & fall)
  • Deceleration Injury: occurs when movement combines with the weight differential of the parts of the brain, & then encounters a sudden stop, causing the brain to continue to move within the skull. This can lead to diffuse axonal shearing, which is the stretching & compression of the axons of the neurons when the brain itself is slammed both to & fro. A severe brain injury usually results in massive axonal shearing & neuron death (ex: car accident)
  • Chemicals & Toxins: (otherwise known as metabolic disorders) occurs when harmful chemicals damage the neurons (ex: insecticides, drugs, solvents)
  • Hypoxia: irreversible brain injury can occur if the blood flow is depleted of oxygen.  This may take only minutes, & can have lasting effects on both cognition & memory. Anoxia (no oxygen). Hypoxia (reduced oxygen). (ex: heart attacks, drop in blood pressure, respiratory failure)
  • Tumors: cancerous tumors can grow on or over the brain & inflict injury by invading the brain space or by causing pressure points around the brain, resulting in direct damage. Surgery may also cause, or exacerbate an existing, injury
  • Infections: if the walls of the brain’s protective system are breached, viruses & bacteria can thrive (ex: encephalitis, meningitis)
  • Stroke: a cerebral-vascular incident (stroke) that can interrupt or altogether block the flow of blood, resulting in cell death in the area that was deprived. Hemorrhage or hematoma (sometimes localized bleeding in or over the brain) that was the result of a torn artery or vein, loss of blood flow, or a blood-induced injury to brain tissue will also cause brain damage.

With all of the ways in which the brain can be injured, if it happens to you or someone that you love, the choice of representation is simplified.  The attorneys at XXXXX have consistently displayed their mastery in this arena.  If the misfortune of a brain injury has intruded upon your life, it is imperative that you take measures to protect your rights.  In this difficult time, you’ll require a lawyer that possesses compassion, tenacity and dedication all while audaciously pursuing your best interests. Time makes all the difference where a TBI is concerned, and we are conveniently located throughout the metro-Atlanta and North Georgia areas to expedite matters.  Contact the attorneys at XXXXX today to schedule your free case evaluation.

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