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@ogjerseygirli am currently considering projects of all sorts. i love to learn, so i enjoy writing and researching various topics (i am aware of the nerd-tastic implications of that previous statement, but i’ve decided that i don’t really care). this way, it’s like i’m writing a report on what i’ve researched, but instead of a grade, i get paid. God encourages us to seek knowledge, and i see no reason to not combine that endeavor with that of paying my bills…..

my services include: web content writingcopywriting, articles. blog posts, social media posts, branding, graphics, proofreading, editing, etc. and creating, designing & maintaining professional profiles/pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, WordPress & Leadpages.NA-ambassadorBadge (1) i am also adept at using Hootsuite, ManageFlitter, Audiense & Canva, and am currently a member of the Social Media Marketing Society and a Hootsuite Ambassador.

because i’m down to learn, i tend to pick up new things, so i can help in a myriad of other ways as well. i also don’t see admitting ignorance or asking for help as indicative of weakness, but rather, of strength. if i can’t accomplish what you are looking to have done, not only will i let you know, but i will also recommend highly-qualified people who can help you achieve your goal. whether you’re a company or an individual seeking superior content, copywriting &/or social media services, then you could definitely pay a lot more and get a lot worse. my contact info. is below, and i look forward to hearing from you. click on the links below to “like” or “follow”; i truly appreciate your support. thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

winter-schedule(to peruse samples of my writing, simply hover your cursor over the “scribbles” tab and make your selection from the drop-down menus that appear.)






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