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View of Amanohashidate called

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“City on the Sea” is home to “Heaven’s Bridge”

On the island of Honshu, Japan lays the town of Miyazu in Kyoto.  This bustling fishing port is surrounded by imperial mountains which provide a vantage point to revel in jaw-dropping views of the white sand beaches that rest below.  The noble beauty of the deep green of the pine trees glittering off of the bay at sunset is really something that can only be experienced to be understood.  In fact, Amanohashidate, or “Heaven’s Bridge”, is considered one of Japan’s three most beautiful sights.  This naturally-formed land bridge is about 3.6 kilometers long and is covered in pine trees.  According to local legend, it is along this very promontory that Izanagi (“The Male Who Invites”) and Izanami (“The Female Who Invites”) dipped their sacred jeweled spear, a gift from the gods, into the water.  Upon lifting the spear out of the water, the droplets that fell formed the island to which these deities descended.Japan droplets  It is upon this island that they consummated their love and where Izanami eventually gave birth to the eight main islands that comprise Japan.  Today, Amanohashidate is a favorite haunt of mortals that prefer to take advantage of the outdoors with things like walking, cycling and even swimming, as the bridge faces the Sea of Japan.

Miyazu has no problem being a standout by modern terms either.  This city, located about 250 miles outside of Tokyo, was founded on June 1, 1954.  Today, it is a fishing base, popular tourism destination and trading post, as well as being both an administrative and political center.  The major industries in this part of the world include seafood processing, metal work and textiles.  The humble city of Miyazu is one of the largest die manufacturers in the world.  In fact, it is ranked a shocking 3rd in world-class stamping dies manufactured for the automobile industry.  Not surprising, then, that the mastery of both designing and manufacturing welding jigs (and other specialty-purposed jigs and presses) is highly sought-after by clients worldwide.Welding

Miyazu has a population of about 25,000, but that number grows virtually exponentially when the sheer volume of tourists is factored in as part of the equation.  Over 2 million people visit the City on the Sea annually to luxuriate at the beach, revel in the history or to simply devour the natural beauty of this land.  Many stay on to further their education, as Miyazu is home to 3 high schools and colleges.  The education is excellent for young scholars during their formative years as well, with 9 primary schools and a number of kindergartens at the parents’ disposal.

Miyazu draws people from all over the world that desire to fully experience the truly raw exquisiteness that is hidden away from most of western culture.  From the mountains to the sea, this region is aesthetically awe-inspiring, and it is no wonder that people are clamoring to know more.Hiker   Whether it is the impossibly regal air that lures you for a visit, or just a desire to touch a bit of history for yourself, contact Sister Cities International to learn how you can help make a difference.



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