Wait Til You See 1 Example Of Horrible Customer Service That Will Blow Your Mind

You Won’t Believe They Thought THIS Was Customer Servshutterstock_98095022ice:

         I was compelled to turn this into a blog post even whilst in the midst of the interaction, mostly out of sheer disbelief. Would anyone believe that this was an actual conversation with a major brand?

         This all started when my cousin in Canada reached out to me about either having a pair of men’s boots shipped to me, or for me to pick the boots up at a local store, and bring them with me on my trip up north. She was trying to buy a gift and couldn’t find the exact pair in her region for the intended recipient. What ensued during my valiant effort to oblige was nothing short of madness. It seemed surreal to me that such a globally-renowned brand would provide this abysmal level of customer service. Two, actually! Continue reading


How To Change Your Thinking In The Most Amazing Way

pitfallsThe Dangerous Pitfalls of a Lazy Mindset

 Mindset: “The established set of attitudes held by someone.” –Oxford Dictionaries

     You’ve been working hard! You have been making the effort to exercise more regularly, eat healthier and have even seen some of the benefits take effect in your life. You have more energy, are less irritable, and can even fit into some of those clothes that have long been at the back of your closet waiting for “some day”. Even nicer is when people have noticed and complimented you. It’s time to celebrate! Uh-oh… Continue reading

Wait Til You See These Top 5 SMM Tools To Make Your Life Easy!

It has been suggested to me, specifically by the lovely @CMGRmelissa, to write a post about the Social Media Tools I use, as it has often popped up (and continues to) in Twitter conversations. I have decided to follow her sage advice, (and was even able to snag some feedback from an industry expert for a cool bonus at the end!).TOP Social Media Tools

The tools discussed below are what I use when freelancing. One of the many benefits of working with @SocialKNX is that I get to use some of the same tools that the big boys do (many not listed). However, the tools mentioned here can be used by giants and dwarves alike. Continue reading

How To Use Marketing Automation in the Most Amazing Way that will Make you Free!

Marketing Automation-menaceMy experience has shown me both sides of the coin, actually. Most people are stoked about the chance to interact (after all, it is SOCIAL Media), but I’ve actually dealt with people so pissed about an automated question that they completely abandoned any pretense of professionalism, just to try to rip me apart over the frequency of responses. Honestly, I almost don’t blame them. Almost. Continue reading

Wait til you See 3 of the Best Tips for the Most Successful Blog Post Ever!

How to Make Your Blog Totally Rock!

How to Make Your Blog Totally Rock!

Ok, so you’ve got to write a blog post. Now what? Do you have any clue about how to write great blog content? What does that even mean? Do you throw ideas against your mental walls and hope they stick? Or, do you go about it more scientifically, with research, metrics, data and examples? To be honest, both can be a colossal time-suck, if you’re not careful. However, if you can get those 2 seemingly-opposite approaches to be friends, then you’re onto something!

Continue reading