hieronymous bosch

i think that this guy would have to be 1 of my faves.  i love the twisted and depraved journeys that his mind took.  to me, what he envisioned as hell and suffering is the same as i’ve imagined; it’s nightmarish.  he has made an abomination and perversion of innocent things, and as a race, that’s what precipitates our kind below.  i’m not trying to get preachy, but i just find hieronymous bosch’s work to be disturbing in a deliciously provocative kinda way.

**(i got this from a great site: http://www.hieronymus-bosch.org/)


2 responses to “hieronymous bosch

  1. Of course Dante did similar. This depicts the horrid, for me the great man Vincent depicted the vibrancy of beauty in an object or a person, but the bit we see but can’t actually ‘see’. It was like he could see something no one else could, like that scene in the Matrix where Neo suddenly gets that he’s the one. The first book my grandad gave me when I was little was a book of letters Van G wrote to his brother, Theo (2 years ago I was fortunate enough to visit an exhibition in London which was of those exact 900 letters). Having read that and studied the man it changed my view not only of art but of beauty. For that reason he will always be my top. (I then had the pleasure of visiting the Van G museum.gallery in Amsterdam. I’ve been won over, his love is better than wine.

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